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Honesty. Integrity. Values.

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Oath Statement

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We are blessed with a unique district that is home to a variety of cultures and natural resources.  We feature some of Arizona’s highest quality agriculture, hunting, water, bottled dairy, military installations and more.


Sadly, decades of liberal representation by Democrat partisans has left our largely rural district suffering from a lack of funding for education, health care, and infrastructure.  When we need money for our schools, our legislators vote NO.  When we need money for increased teacher pay, our legislators vote NO.  When we need money to improve our health care systems or our infrastructure, our legislators vote NO.


Little wonder that we finally elected a Republican to the State House in 2020, to finally help address our needs.  Unfortunately, our Democratic State Senator remains a staunch NO vote on the things we need.


It shouldn’t be this way.  The quality of life we enjoy should not be a pawn in a partisan political game.  There are real lives at stake.  Our district should be thriving – access to the Colorado River and a lengthy international border, as well as the AZ-California border. Should make us a natural leader in trade, tourism, and agriculture.


As your State Senator I’ll fight for our district and I’ll work with Democrats and Republicans to get it done.  We are still recovering from the damage done to our economy by the pandemic, and I want to take the experience I’ve gained from helping our district in the private sector, and go to the State Capital to finish our recovery.


You can count on me to advocate for legal immigration that works for Arizona and America, real border security, our 2nd Amendment rights and constitutional freedoms, election integrity, the right to life, the right of parents to give their children the best possible education, and low taxes and less regulation to help our small businesses thrive and grow. I’ll work with federal and tribal land management to advocate for our local farming and agriculture communities, and I’ll always support our law enforcement.


Together, we’ll get our district the help it needs and make District 4 Arizona’s best place to live and work.

Gary Garcia Snyder